Our overall priority is to keep everyone safe. Those who have been shielding and those with underlying health conditions are still encouraged to stay at home. The Sunday obligation REMAINS SUSPENDED. Live streaming will still occur from St Anthony’s on week days via Facebook, and from other churches on Sundays.

Please DO NOT visit the church if you have a fever, new cough or have noticed recent changes in your ability to taste or smell.

Please wear a face covering (unless you are in an exempt group).

Please arrive in plenty of time for Mass, bearing in mind the seating process will take longer than normal and there may be a queue. If it is raining please wear suitable rainwear or bring an umbrella, as only limited numbers will be able to queue undercover.

Family members will sit together but otherwise there will be at least a metre between members of the congregation. All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Please use hand sanitiser on entering and leaving the church.

Please do not touch the door handles.

Please do not touch/kiss any statues or go onto the sanctuary.

Unfortunately congregational singing is not allowed but on Sundays we will have a cantor with keyboard accompaniment.

Please follow the instructions from the stewards and respect the one-way system inside the church, leaving by the side door on the left.

Please note there will be NO TOILET FACILITIES available.

Please limit your personal belongings as much as possible and be sure to take them with you when you leave the church. Any items left in the church will be disposed of.

Holy Communion will be given row by row starting at the front, Please follow the instructions from the stewards and maintain at least 1 m distance from the person in front. Return to your pew by the side aisle. Communion will be given into the hand only, and in silence.

If you are a wheelchair user and are attending Mass with a family member who can negotiate the step at the church entrance then please do so. If you are alone or your chair cannot negotiate the step, the steward will direct you to the side entrance with a ramp.

If you become ill with symptoms of Covid-19 within 48hrs of visiting the church please inform Fr Pius or the parish administrator (stanthonyop.oxford@rcaob.org.).